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Pool & Spa Electrical Services for Residential & Commercial

We provide pool and spa electrical services for all of Chicago and surrounding areas! Let our experts take care of your indoor and outdoor pool or spa needs. Whether it’s a new pool construction or an older pool or spa…Let our experts at SAFE Electrical provide you with the best swimming pool and spa electrical services in Chicago and surrounding areas such as Beverly, Palos Heights, Downers Grove and many more.

Our licensed electricians are qualified to service and install your spa and swimming pool controls, spa and swimming pool lights.
We guarantee all the work they perform will be up to current swimming pool code and you will be completely satisfied.

Swimming Pool Electrical ServicesSwimming Pool and Spa Electrician in Chicago

  • Pool Electrical Systems Installation
  • Pool Electrical Systems Repair
  • Pool Lighting Installation
  • Pool Lighting Repair
  • Pool Wiring Repairs
  • Pool Fuse Panel Repairs
  • Pool Breaker Replacements
  • Pool Electrical Panel Repairs
  • Pool Circuit Breaker Repair
  • Pool Timer Wiring Repairs

Spa Electrical Services

  • Spa Electrical Systems Installation
  • Spa Electrical Systems Repair
  • Spa Lighting Installation
  • Spa Lighting Repair
  • Spa Wiring Repairs
  • Spa Fuse Panel Repairs
  • Spa Breaker Replacements
  • Spa Electrical Panel Repairs
  • Spa Circuit Breaker Repair
  • Spa Timer Wiring Repairs

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