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Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades

Circuit breaker panel upgrades are extremely important. Many electrical panels are not able to manage electrical demands of the average home. Many home owners choose to upgrade their panels to meet the demand of modern electrical appliances. One way to easily determine if your house doesn’t have enough power is if your circuit breaker frequently trips (3 times a year or more) while multiple appliances are running simultaneously. Appliances which cause circuit breakers to trip include space heaters, microwave ovens, hair dryers, dish washers, irons, vacuum cleaners, toasters and air conditioners.

Your home’s main distribution panel is the key to making all the comforts of home work properly. Imagine 90degree heat with no air or not being able to charge your laptop or phone because of a fault in your distribution panel. Without these everyday comforts life could be alot harder and less fun. One way of making sure you never go with out is to have a properly trained electrical technician check and make sure you have the right system for your home and families needs.


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