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Dryer and Range Installations

When it comes to appliances, they make life a lot easier. Whether it’s a full range appliance or a high-speed, high-powered oven, they make life better than you could ever imagine. However, people often forget that you need appliances in the first place before anything positive can happen. So in order to go about getting… Continue Reading

Home Electrical Safety Inspections

Whether you’re living in Chicago or somewhere else, it’s important to keep in mind that one of the most important infrastructures you can have in your city (as well as your home) is electrical infrastructure. This is very critical to keep in mind because, without a doubt, all of your electronics, appliances, computers, and other… Continue Reading

Help With Hanging Christmas and Holiday Lighting

Help With Hanging Christmas and Holiday Lighting

Hanging Christmas and Holiday Lighting is a magical time no matter the date when they come during the year. One thing synonymous with holidays are lights, they have become part of ushering the holiday cheer. Chicago is one of the most magical places to be during the holidays, and it adds to the nights light… Continue Reading

Why Whole House Rewiring

As daunting as it seems, whole house rewiring is a large project that is becoming more and more necessary in Homewood, IL. Due to the ages of the older homes and the increasing power requirements that today’s electronics have, rewiring your whole house is the best way to make sure that you are safe, up… Continue Reading

We Are Expanding Residential and Commercial Electrical Services in Flossmoor and Homewood

We are excited and happy to announce, we are now providing residential and commercial electrical services in Flossmoor and Homewood for area residents and businesses. We have the experience needed in all aspects of the electrical to fix whatever issue you might be facing, no matter when you call. Finding a Responsible Local Electrician isn’t as easy as you… Continue Reading

Surge Protectors and Home Safety from Surges

Surge Protectors and Home Safety from Surges

When it comes to protecting your computers, televisions, and large appliances we all want to be prepared. How do we protect our home and appliances from surges? There are a few things we can do to protect our appliances and homes from surges. When you leave the home for more than a couple hours such… Continue Reading

Lightning Protection Systems: What you need to know

Lightning Protection Systems: What you need to know

Home lightning protection systems can help prevent your home or business being struck by lightning. How the lightning protection system works Lightning will follow a path to ground; these can be anything from lines for phone, cable, electrical lines, water, or gas, to structures. Structures can be your home or a business and range from… Continue Reading



When there is power blackout, generators can keep a home cool or warm, the kitchen cooking and phones and computers charging. Residential home generators sales usually spike during major storms which mean that most people buy them when the power is out. And most of these buyers randomly choose a generator that can serve the… Continue Reading

Chicago Landscape Lighting

Chicago Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be very beneficial for a variety of reasons, aside from just illuminating your landscaped areas. It can provide beauty, as well as functionality. If you are looking for professional landscape lighting contractors in the Chicago area, look no further than Safe Electrical Service Company. Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Safety. Safety and security… Continue Reading

Whole House Rewiring Service: Chicago

When it comes to taking care of your home and ensuring it is as safe as possible you should take into account the very life of it, the electricity supply. When it comes to modern day living, electricity consumption has increased drastically and you may need to factor this in when having your home rewired.… Continue Reading

Replacing A Fuse Box

Replacing A Fuse Box

If you are located in Chicago and are looking for an electrician to perform a fuse box replacement then you have come to the right place. One can be installed quickly and safely for an affordable rate. If you are worried about your fuse box or want to upgrade it, take a look below to… Continue Reading

Spa and Pool Electrical Repair

Spa and Pool Electrical Repair

Asking help with electrical repairs from a pool tech or pool service to take good care of your spa and pool’s electrical needs may not be a good idea. Pool techs are very proficient at adjusting chemicals, cleaning the pool and even setting water parameters. However, it’s always a good idea to use an experienced,… Continue Reading

Why Install Whole House Surge Protection?

What does whole house surge protection mean? What exactly is it and what should you know about it? Why is it an important investment that can protect your appliances and electronic devices? Why is it best to hire a licensed electrician to install your whole house surge protection system? When you hear surge protection, it… Continue Reading

Electrical Water Heater Installation

Electric water heaters are a must for every modern household. Selecting an electric water heater is very important. One needs to be certain your new or replacement water heater will provide enough hot water for your household, and do so with energy efficiency in mind, which can save you money, especially during Chicago’s cold winters.… Continue Reading

Attic Fan Installation Service

Attic Fan Installation Service

Attic Fan Installation Service by SAFE Electrical. Your home surely has an attic, right? It’s one of the rooms in your house with the primary use of storing things, although you can use it for other purposes as well. Basically, you use the attic to store and hide boxes of memories, old things and used furniture.… Continue Reading

Emergency Generator Systems

Emergency Generator Systems

It is never too late to install an Emergency Generator System for your home. Keep your family and pets safe all year long. Not to mention this is an added value when you sell your home. An emergency generator system is responsible for keeping your power on when outrage happens. This is primarily installed outside… Continue Reading

Is Hiring a Professional Electrician to Install my Flat Screen TV a Good Idea?

Is Hiring a Professional Electrician to Install my Flat Screen TV a Good Idea?

You should have an experienced professional electrician install your flat screen TV. Modern Flat Screen TVs can be hung on ceilings or walls through the use of special mounts, making it an ideal option for individuals living in a minimalist space. Most of this television available online or offline comes with comprehensive installation instruction which… Continue Reading

Chandelier Installations

Chandelier Installations

Need to install a chandelier? Don’t install that chandelier yourself, don’t injure yourself or damage your home. Experts will do the entire project for you! When it comes to light fixtures, chandelier gives an excellent design and style in your home. Whether you want to make a statement in your entrance way, make a stylish… Continue Reading

Doorbell installation and repair

Doorbell installation and repair

Doorbell installation and repair With many home projects, like wired doorbell installation and repair, it is essential to hire a licensed electrician. Safe Electrical Service is a reliable, licensed and reputable Chicagoland electrical contractor, who will install your new doorbell, as well as, troubleshoot, repair or replace your existing doorbell. Here are the reasons why… Continue Reading

Driveway Lighting Installation

Driveway Lighting Installation

Driveway Lighting Installation Driveway lights play an essential role in enhancing the whole appearance of your home. It doesn’t matter if you are renovating your house or building a new one, you should invest in these because they not just are high on the utility but also offer aesthetic appeal to your property. The driveway… Continue Reading

Ceiling Fan Installations and Repair Services

Ceiling Fan Installations and Repair Services

Ceiling Fan Installations and Repair Services are no match when it comes to Safe Electrical Service. Setting up a ceiling fan is an option that a lot of people make in order to add another level of value and comfort to their house. For many homeowners, this is a sensible means of cooling an area or… Continue Reading

Charging Station for New Electric Car

Charging Station for New Electric Car

Do you need a charging station for your new electric car? We can help you avoid costly mistakes. Electric vehicles come in any sizes and shapes. Conveniently, our residential and commercial charging stations do excessively! Electric cars became increasingly popular across the world. Let’s face it. The country and the environment would be more affluent… Continue Reading

Is Your Electrical Breaker Overloaded?

Your Electrical Breaker Just Might Be Overloaded? Knowing the warning signs because you love your family. One of the leading causes of house fires is electrical. Knowing the warning sign may save you, your family and your home. When a breaker flips off in your home most of the time you will go down stairs… Continue Reading

Emergency and Security Lighting

Emergency and Security Lighting

Keep your family and pets safe with emergency and security lighting. We offer wide range of emergency and security lighting systems for home and commercial properties. Security lighting is one of the many factors that provide an added security whilst of emergency lighting that comes on in event such as power failure in the emergency… Continue Reading

Old Wiring Inspection and Repair

Old wiring makes your lights flicker when turning on appliances. Remove your worries because we can find the cause and fix it. Don’t put your family or appliances at risk. It is not only the power grid of nation that is old-fashioned. The wiring in many houses is also antiquated, straining to supply the ever-growing… Continue Reading

Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades

Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades

Why you should have your Panel checked out. We will check your panel for free, we want you and your family to be SAFE. Most of the homeowners can soundly sleep knowing that their own electric panels would protect them by means of tripping off when the circuit overload happens. There are homes that were… Continue Reading

The benefits of hiring a licensed electrician

There is a common rule when it comes to home improvements or repairs – never look to save money as the results may be worse than that. And where electricity comes in the first place, considering doing some electrical work in your home or business always should be a job of a licensed electrician. If… Continue Reading

Vintage Antique Lighting

Vintage Antique Lighting

Vintage Antique Lighting can dress-up an entire room. One of our dear clients told us about this guy named Ross who restores distinctive vintage lighting from the 1920s to the 1970s. So we just had to check out Ross’ Lighting Store The Old Above, he has a very large inventory of antique lighting…holy smokes they are… Continue Reading

ComEd Smart Meters Can Offer You More Benefits

ComEd Smart Meters Can Offer You More Benefits! Do You Have a Smart Meter? ComEd says more than one million smart meters have already been installed across northern Illinois. Smart Meter Benefits: Access to online energy-management tools Option to enroll in ComEd’s Peak Time Savings program, saves you money Fewer estimated bills, no more meter… Continue Reading

It’s dark in here! Install LEDs.

It’s dark in here! You could add some LEDs to help during this dark time of year, we call Winter. We all remember when LEDs first came out, it was a small fortune just to purchase one bulb. But now that’s changing! As you are taking down those Christmas lights, it might just be the perfect time… Continue Reading

brrr … It is cold outside!

It is not just the roads you need to watch out for! This arctic cold could create problems to your home. Our crew says during the winter season it is all about preventative maintenance. You should have an HVAC professional check your furnace yearly, preferably during the Fall. Your furnace like ours running 24 hours a… Continue Reading

It’s Never Too Late to Winterize Your Home!

It’s never too late to winterize your home, that’s what we are saying. As we have been driving around many homes in and near Chicago, we are starting to realize the more we are seeing Generac generators. We believe there are many homeowners which are still not prepared for winter storms. Don’t put your family and your… Continue Reading

Winterizing Your Home

Now is the time to be winterizing your home and making it cost effective. Everyone knows winter can be brutally cold. Drafts can waste 5% to 30% of the heat that is in your home. Doors and windows are a major part in this, so to protect your home from losing heat consider using a draft snake… Continue Reading

Ways to Cut Down Your Home Heating Costs

Our tips can show you ways to cut down your home heating costs even in the middle of Winter. We recommend planning for Winter now. Replace Worn Weatherstripping Worn and torn weatherstripping around doors and windows creates drafts and lets in cold air. Adjust Door Thresholds If you can see daylight under your front door,… Continue Reading

Protect Your Electrical Gadgets

Protect your electrical gadgets from power outages! Power surges in the home are silent killers to our electronic equipment. Lightning and thunder storms are pretty common around here. Have you noticed or experienced sudden power outage? Even for just a few seconds?  The other night, our good friend Brandon had two such occurrences. When the… Continue Reading

Residential Outdoor Security Lighting

Is your Residence SAFE at Night? If Not, You Need Residential Outdoor Security Lighting is KEY! Our porch light is a thing of the past! Shadows are a criminal’s best friend – covering up their misdeeds and giving them protection from watchful eyes. We most have light, it’s the first line of defense of any… Continue Reading

Chicago Swimming Pool and Spa Electrician

Residential & Commercial Pool & Spa Electrical Services Chicago Swimming Pool and Spa Electrician at your service! Let our experts take care of your indoor and outdoor pool or spa. Whether it’s a new pool construction or an older pool or spa…Let our experts at SAFE Electrical provide you with the best swimming pool and… Continue Reading

Ceiling Fan Installation

Should you hire a electrician for a ceiling fan installation? Hiring an electrician for a ceiling fan installation is a matter of personal choice. If you do not like working electricity directly, it’s a lot easier and safer to hire a licensed electrician to complete the work for you. Have you purchased a ceiling fan… Continue Reading

Dishwasher Install

Did the retired couple you purchased your home from leave behind one incredibly energy-efficient dishwasher? LOL! Maybe just efficient to them, they didn’t need to run it more than once a week and only had a full load when their grandkids came over for a visit. If you are like me, we pack that dishwasher… Continue Reading

Hire The Best Chicago Electrician Now

How do I find the best Chicago electrician? I mean everyone needs an electrician, don’t they? Well, you can do the smart thing here, which would be to follow my electrical advice and tips 🙂 First of all I’d like to point out that while our fathers used to do the electrical work around the… Continue Reading

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

Yes, it’s probably time to upgrade your electrical panel! We recommend upgrading your electrical panel to enhance the unit’s capacity. All electrical devices and appliances which we use are constantly improving and fluctuating in terms of power usage. In order to keep up with the increasing energy requirements, upgrading your electrical panel is a must!… Continue Reading

Space Heaters

How to avoid a space heater fire hazard! Many people use space heaters to warm up their living rooms and bedrooms. Plugging a space heater into the wrong outlet or plugging in too many heaters can create a dangerous situation anytime day or night. Despite potential dangers, many homeowners use space heaters during the bitter… Continue Reading

Your Chicago Electrician

Your Chicago Electrician; SAFE Electrical Service has been providing repairs, installation and inspection services for your homes and businesses for over 20 years. Whether your home was just built or has been around since the late 1800’s,  we are qualified to work for you. Our focus is on prompt, courteous customer service because our reputation… Continue Reading

Cloth Wiring In Pre 1950 Homes? Causing Small Fires!

I’ve been an electrician in the Chicagoland area since 1991. In that time, I have worked on many older homes with wiring systems that had cloth insulation or “cloth wiring”. To my surprise homes built pre 1960, relied on this type of insulation. Scary idea to put cloth coating around a live electrical wire! However, cloth… Continue Reading

Recycling CFL Bulbs Creates Jobs, Help Unemployment!

Let’s face it, Recycling is very inconvenient and it takes time and effort. Recycling CFL bulbs can be very difficult but not impossible. Recycling is the future of a lot of  jobs and products we use in this country. Over the next 10 years it is estimated that 40% of the products we use will come… Continue Reading

Are can lights contaminating the air you breath?

Can lights are a great way to brighten any room or hallway. They are versatile enough to install almost anywhere, however when installed improperly they can lead to many health and home problems. There are two types of can lights we are going to talk about, air tight and unsealed. Depending on where you want… Continue Reading

Preventing Ice Dams

Preventing Ice Dams is possible. Yes! they are as bad as you might think! Ice Dams are made when snow melts from heat within your attic and freezes further down the roof. This creates a dam of ice which collects on the lower part of your roof. The ice holds the water on the roof.… Continue Reading

Floor Heating Systems…..No More Cold Feet

Cold feet no more, it’s time to warm your floors instead of your ceiling. Electric floor heating systems by SAFE Electrical Service can keep you warm and leave your furnace off longer. Who doesn’t like warm feet in the cold months? We lose most of our heat from our heads and feet so why not… Continue Reading

Outlet Fires….. More Common Than You Think!

Home inspectors and building codes have made new homes safer in regards to this devastating problem of outlet fires. But what if you live in a home 10 years old or older, you may not have this life and home saving system. Do you need it? An estimated 28 Thousand residential fires with 360 civilian… Continue Reading

Attic Ventilation. Who needs it?

Proper attic ventilation allows a continued flow of outside air through the attic, lowering the temperature in the living space and protecting the efficiency of your insulation. For example, improper ventilation can cause attic heat to build in excess of 150 degrees. This super heated air eventually penetrates the ceiling insulation and moves into your… Continue Reading

Christmas Lighting and GFCI? What does that mean?

Using a GFCI for your Christmas lights this year could be one of the smartest things you do this holiday season. Year after year, we dig out our Christmas lights and plug them into the same outside outlets never thinking we could be creating a dangerous situation for our families. Standard outlets do not protect you… Continue Reading

Your Child, Water and Electricity. What Would Happen?

I think you know the answer to this but just in case, electricity will run through them and into the ground, giving them an electric shock that could be fatal. We all have seen movies were the hair dryer falls in the tub while someone is bathing, special effects may over exaggerate this in the movies… Continue Reading

Taking advantage of Technology

Technology can be a little scary when it comes to identity theft or killer robots but when it comes to safety, it can be lifesaving. There are a lot of new products that are making homes safer to live in. Updated electrical codes and equipment can stop fires and electrocution before they happen. If you’re like most… Continue Reading

Emergency Lights -VS- Darkness

You know those two bug-eyed lights staring down on you at the office? There usually at the exits and in the middle of your office. Could you imagine looking at those in your home? I know my wife couldn’t  but those emergency lights are crucial during power outages and an important part of the building safety… Continue Reading

Does your bathroom have a window or an exhaust fan?

I have a window and no exhaust fan. This is a great example of how building codes are only a minimum standard. Most areas only require one and not both. I thought about this while installing a couple of can lights in my bathroom. When I take a hot shower in the cold months the window stays closed.… Continue Reading

Make Your Home Safe from the Temperamental Grid

We rely on electricity for everything in this day and age. Heck we don’t even wind up our alarm clocks anymore, from cell phones to our coffee pot, from lighting to sump pumps; we truly live in an “Electric World”. But what happens when we have a problem with the utility provider of our homes… Continue Reading

A Hidden Danger Cracked Electrical Outlets!

Today, we received a call from a panic-stricken client. She had just moved into her new  house only to find non-working outlets. What a drag that would be. Our Master Electrician, Charles Otstott, arrived. On closer inspection he found  many outlets were cracked. A hidden danger, because the electrical connection can be exposed and cause… Continue Reading

Don’t Go a Day without Air Conditioning

Signs your air conditioner is having issues … You hear a grinding and shrieking noise after the unit has been turned on. Your AC unit smells like burning wires. You notice inconsistent temperatures. High Summer temperatures will quickly escalate any small issue. Prevent major problems by addressing them immediately. We recommend HVAC Spring and Fall… Continue Reading

When the lights go out

Got Electricity? Air conditioning? According to Bob Greene, CNN Contributor says, “We take comfort for granted”. 1) Flip a switch, and the lights in your home instantly blaze to life. 2) Pick up a telephone, and you’re talking with someone halfway across the country or halfway around the world. Even though a cold front is… Continue Reading

Are Criminals Hiding in Your Yard?

Sad but true. Tough times increase crimes. When families are worried about “Taking care of their own, ” there are quite a few others who want to help themselves to something of yours. So how do you protect yourself, your family, your home? Actually, there is something specific you can do, and we can help… Continue Reading

It Takes Skilled Hands to Handle Electricity

Electrical work can be difficult and dangerous. Imagine miles of wiring in your home, often running inches from water lines, routing power to you and your family at the flick of a switch. Things can go really wrong if someone with little or no experience tries to take it into their own hands. According to… Continue Reading

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