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How SAFE Electrical Keeps Your Home Clean

Looking for a contractor to help with a project can be stressful. After you find the right company to do the work, the stress starts to fade… but wait, they never said anything about how they would get this finished or how they would protect my home? Who does the clean-up and trash removal? Rest assured. We have you covered. When it comes to your home and your family, SAFE Electrical will ensure they are both safe and protected. Before the real work starts, we ensure that your floors and furniture are covered from dust and debris. We will close off areas with zip walls when needed to keep dust from traveling throughout your home. When the project is finished, we will carefully remove all coverings, throw out any debris in our garbage cans and take away all boxes that are trash. Each of our trucks is equipped with cleaning supplies, a vacuum, and a swiffer wet jet, just in case.

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