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Finding An Electrician

Finding an electrician that is qualified to be in your home and has the knowledge to speak to you in a manner that you understand isn’t all that easy. Looking around now a days can get a little confusing, are they qualified? will they show up? will they over charge me? There can be a lot of confusion and worry.

What can we trust now a days? Asking a relative or friend to help with a difficult issue isn’t always safe or doesn’t always solve it. Asking a neighbor (the old school way) can create awkwardness. That leaves social media and reviews as the most accurate way to find a qualified electrician. Reviews are the way we purchase things now. Finding a company that has excellent reviews can be difficult without a little help.

So let the reviews guide you to an electrician with all the qualities you are looking for. When you start the search for an electrician using the phrase “electrician near me” is one of the fastest ways to find us. When searching “electrician near me” you will see all local electricians , but choose carefully, not all contractors are created equal. Make sure you read the comments from the owner of the company, this will give you an idea of how they handle praise and any problems. Our reviews explain why our technicians are so highly rated and recommended.

Word of mouth through social media is also an easy way to find a trusted contractor. Asking a larger audience what electrician they have used can get great results as well. Whether you find an electrical contractor using “electrician near me” on Google, Yelp, or social media, look in the review section. You will see why SAFE Electrical stands above all the rest. Call us today for great service.

Motion Activated Lighting System

Making your life better with motion activated lighting systems. Dark mornings and evenings or walking into a unlit room can be an unsafe situation. SAFE Electrical has received a lot of questions regarding motion activated lighting and its benefit’s. Let’s talk about the definition of each of these systems so you understand how they work. Flip style or toggle switches are just that, when you want light on you find the switch and flip it on. This is an easy concept but not always convenient. Example:  Most of the time when we leave our homes, we leave the front porch light on so when we return, we can see our way back in safely. This is fine if we do not worry about our electric bill, but what if there was a solution to having safety and not having to pay for it to be on all day. What if there was a way to have lights come on in a room where we carry things (like the laundry basket), How about when we let our pets out and have a light on to make sure they are safe, or a stairway that illuminates like a movie theater so you don’t miss a step, now that would be safe and convenient! That’s the power of technology working in your home to keep you safe. That is what a motion lighting system can do for you. Motion activated lighting turns on when you walk through its sensors to give you the light you need to see when it’s dark. Professionally installed motion lights do not stay on when there is enough light to see or if there is no motion activating them. They only turn on when you need them, saving you money while keeping you safe.

The next time you find yourself in the dark or with your hands holding something and you need the lights on, think of SAFE Electrical and have one of their Qualified Electricians help you out.           

Contact me with any questions at Charles@SafeElectrical.com or call me, We are here for you!

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