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Dishwasher Install


Call a Electrician for your dishwasher installDid the retired couple you purchased your home from leave behind one incredibly energy-efficient dishwasher? LOL! Maybe just efficient to them, they didn’t need to run it more than once a week and only had a full load when their grandkids came over for a visit. If you are like me, we pack that dishwasher with pots, plates and glasses twice a day if not more. Its age is starting to show, especially in your electric and water bills.

You need a new Energy Star dishwasher, which can save you more than $45 a year on power and almost 500 gallons of water. These new units have sensors that self-adjust to wash with just the right amount of water. Today’s models are so good at scrubbing, you don’t have to spend time pre-rinsing all of your dishes. Do not try installing a dishwasher by yourself, call us to help you do it right the first time. It will not take us long to have your dishwasher installed and working. If you need us to help you find the best Energy Star dishwasher in town just let us know, we’ve installed a lot of dishwashers between Beverly to Chicago.


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