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Holiday Lights Are Supposed to Bring Happiness, Right?


It’s that time of year to get tangled up in itChristmas Lighting Specialist

Yes, it’s that time of year again to get tangled up in holiday lights, garland, and fake wire reindeer. You’ve got electrical cords running from every room in your house to light up your monstrosity of Holiday cheer in your front yard, and just as you light up the last multicolored spiral tree, everything goes black.

You blew an electrical fuse and maybe even one of your fuses. So, put down the extension cord and think about where the flashlight is so you can make it to your fuse box.

Wiring can be a real mess. And when you have old wiring in your home, you can run into overpowering your wires with too much voltage running through them. Sounds dangerous doesn’t it? It is.

Electrical problems can be confusing and seriously dangerous. But good electricians know how to make sense and safety of the mess. That’s what we do.

Whether you need a new outlet or switch, or the gentle breeze of a new ceiling fan… maybe you want security or landscape lighting. No matter what your electrical needs are, Safe Electrical Service can do it for you.

Let us make your place safer, more convenient or just plain work better! Call to get a skilled, uniformed tech to solve your electrical problem, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we won’t keep you waiting.

So, maybe next Christmas you won’t be looking for your flashlight while you’re gracing the neighborhood with 20,000 bolts of electricity in your front yard.


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