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Is Your Electrical Breaker Overloaded?


Your Electrical Breaker Just Might Be Overloaded? Knowing the warning signs because you love your family.

One of the leading causes of house fires is electrical. Knowing the warning sign may save you, your family and your home. When a breaker flips off in your home most of the time you will go down stairs and just flip it back on with no regard for why it happened other than you used too much power, in reality what you are doing is ignoring the safety device telling you it is overloaded and ready to cause some serious damage to your home. Every time a breaker is overloaded and shuts off it is weakening at it most fragile spot in the system. Too many resets of a breaker and it will arc at the weakest spot causing a serious problem for safety. Remember this: Most breakers are only rated for 2 fault interruptions before they should be reconditioned.

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