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Lightning Protection Systems: What you need to know


Home lightning protection systems can help prevent your home or business being struck by lightning.

How the lightning protection system works

Lightning will follow a path to ground; these can be anything from lines for phone, cable, electrical lines, water, or gas, to structures.
Structures can be your home or a business and range from wood to steel.

What are the hazards of a lightning strike?
There are four general hazards of a lightning strike;

  • Fire
  • Damage to building materials
  • Damage to appliances
  • Side strikes
  • Will adding a lightning protection system prevent a lightning strike? No, but it could save your appliances and keep your home or business safe from damage to building materials.

Lightning Protection FAQs

  • Will having a home lightning protection system attract lightning strikes? No, but they cannot direct or influence where lightning hits.
  • Can just anyone install a home lightning protection system? No, you need to hire a pro like Safe Electrical Service to install the home lightning protection system for you.
  • Will any lightning protection work for my home or business? No, each system is specifically designed for the building.

What does a lightning protection specifically work for?
When it comes to lightning protection systems, they will protect the structure.
It will help prevent fire and building material damage during the storm.
What they will not protect is appliances; these things should always be unplugged during a lightning storm.
You can also get surge protectors for things like appliances such as televisions, computers, and small appliances; but again, these things should be unplugged during a storm.

Home lightning protection systems in Chicago
As Chicago receives a fair amount of lightning strikes, actually more strikes than other places, it is best to have a home lightning protection system installed on your residence or business.

This can help you save money from lightning strikes that cause damage to the building material or from a fire caused by lightning.
It will also help reduce rates on home and business insurance so long as your lightning system was installed by a professional.

Finding a professional
If you wish to find a professional in or around the Chicago area, you can call Safe Electrical Service or a licensed electrician.
When hiring an electrician you need to make sure that they have a good reputation. Check with previous customers and the BBB. Make sure to get a quote and time frame for the project.

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