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Old Wiring Inspection and Repair

Old wiring makes your lights flicker when turning on appliances. Remove your worries because we can find the cause and fix it. Don’t put your family or appliances at risk.

It is not only the power grid of nation that is old-fashioned. The wiring in many houses is also antiquated, straining to supply the ever-growing of collection of electronics, lighting and electricity-hungry appliances. The signs of strains on your old wire may be visible – power strips that sprout from one outlet and a tangle of extension cords, or lurking concealed behind walls, cover plates and ceilings.

The lights come on when the refrigerator keeps drinks and food cold, flip the switch and the TV works. This means that your electrical wiring should be in a good condition. There are times (especially if your property is older) when you need to inspect and upgrade your electrical wiring for entire safety or because the prevailing wire no longer meets the power needs of your family.

Sure, rewiring can be an expensive and messy proposition. However, with a few upfront planning, you can minimize the interferences and even develop the job into an opportunity to improve features that will increase your home’s value. If you do not know when was the last time your wiring was inspected, it is worth to pay a licensed and professional electrician to give it an examination, especially if you have the warning signs such as:

  • Dimming or flickering of lights
  • Breakers that fuses or trip that blows frequently
  • A tingling feeling when touching an appliance
  • Sparkling, discolored or warm outlets
  • A persistent burning smell from an appliance or a room
  • No (GFCI) ground fault circuit interrupter outlets in baths, kitchens and other areas that are exposed to moisture

The electrical system in your home is intricate. Therefore, as a homeowner, you should give priority on keeping your electrical system up to date and safe. Failures, faults and shorts in the electrical system can cause fire hazards and safety efficiency. To avoid any hazardous occurrence, our home inspector has the experience and education needed to understand the electrical system in your home. By hiring our professional electricians, you can make sure that your home is safe and we will give you a comprehensive electrical inspection for free just by calling us.

Among the greatest benefits of our inspection and repair is the expertise and experience of our team of professionals in any electrical matters. As a result, your home can sustain the current demands of technology as well as focus on electrical service panel, electrical wiring, electrical fire safety, outside electrical outlets and others.

It is not only the existing electrical systems you need to be concerned to. Savings is one of the benefits you can get by trusting the expertise of our professionals. We know and understand your needs of upgrading the old wiring in your home without spending lots of money. We have the ability to find possible concerns before they become a major problem in your home, while saving money in the long run.

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