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Recycling CFL Bulbs Creates Jobs, Help Unemployment!



Let’s face it, Recycling is very inconvenient and it takes time and effort. Recycling CFL bulbs can be very difficult but not impossible. Recycling is the future of a lot of  jobs and products we use in this country. Over the next 10 years it is estimated that 40% of the products we use will come from recycled materials and almost 1 million jobs will be created. That’s a lot of Americans working. What’s good for our environment is good for all of us.

Recycling CFL bulbs prevents the release of unnecessary mercury into the environment, it also creates jobs. The next time you change your light bulb think about the good you can do for our Country and our environment. Recycling CFL and other fluorescent bulbs allow the reuse of glass, metals and plastics in other products.

The next CFL bulb you recycle may be creating a job for someone you know, hmm.

Where to recycle CFLs.

Home Depot has a deposit box at the front door. Fast and easy.

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