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Save Money with a Switch



If it isn’t enough that LED Lights are ultra energy efficient, they will save money on your electricity bills, they can last well beyond the 20 year mark if used reasonably and are 100% safe and friendly to the environment – they are also healthier for you. Imagine that?!

LED Lights don’t contain any mercury.
Most other lighting technologies contain mercury as an active ingredient in the creation of light. As you may well know, mercury is a very dangerous substance and is so toxic that it can cause cancer. LED Lights contain zero mercury or any other hazardous substance so they are safe to operate and safe to dispose of.

LED Lights create little to no flickering.
Have tired eyes or mild headaches maybe it’s the lighting in your home. Flickering lights my not be visible to the conscious eye, but your eyes are sensitive enough to pick it up and the other parts of your brain don’t miss much. Its time to stop rubbing your eyes!

LED Lights don’t give off Ultra Violet (UV) Radiation.
There have been a fair amount of studies that have concluded that CFLs can cause premature aging and skin cancer from prolonged exposure because they emit UV radiation. Yikes! LED lighting emits zero UV radiation and is therefore safe for both distance and desktop applications.

LED Lights generate no heat.
Even the LED fixtures themselves stay relatively cool when left on for very long periods. The same cannot be said of halogens and incandescent lights that get extremely hot – and that is hot enough to burn fingers, heat up a room or become a potential fire hazard.

LED Lights don’t make any noise.
Unlike fluorescents and some incandescent bulbs that are well known for their constant and irritating hummmmming sound, LED lights provide their lighting in total silence. Now that sounds nice!

These are the major reasons why LED lights are the healthiest and safest lighting technology available. Not only will LED lights allow for safer, more productive work environments, they will also allow you to curb the premature onset of skin aging, the possibility of cancer and even fires caused by excessive heat. LED lights are the smart lighting choice if the health of your family and yourself are all top priorities. Let’s find out if your lighting fixture can save you money while helping the environment.

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