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Surge Protectors and Home Safety from Surges


When it comes to protecting your computers, televisions, and large appliances we all want to be prepared.

How do we protect our home and appliances from surges?
There are a few things we can do to protect our appliances and homes from surges.

  1. When you leave the home for more than a couple hours such as overnight or for the weekend, unplug things like televisions, coffee makers, computers.
  2. Invest in surge protectors.
  3. Make sure to not to overload any outlet.
  4. Invest in a whole home generator

Let’s look at surge protectors
When it comes to surge protectors there are a couple types available.

The cord extension surge protectors, which you may see on things like television sets, cable boxes, and computers.

The whole house surge protector which are installed in your electrical panel. These are installed to stop the surge from going through the whole house.

If you are interested in a whole house surge protector, you can call Safe Electrical Service or another licensed electrican who knows how to install these types of protectors.

Even if the directions look simple it is much safer to hire an electrical service to install these types of items.

The whole home Generator

The whole home generator will provide electricity to the home during power outages.

One brand that is very good and highly recommended is Generac.

As with the whole house surge protector, it is always best to hire an electrician to wire the generator to your electrical panel in order to make sure that the line is safe not only for your home but also electrical line workers during a power outage.

How do you know which to buy?
When deciding on what to buy it will depend on several factors

  1. Do you suffer many power outages or surges in the area you live?
  2. Do you have many large expensive appliances to safegaurd?
  3. When it comes to computers; do you want enough time to shut down the computer safely?
  4. During a power outage do you have medical equipment that you need to run?
  5. Do you want to keep food frozen and cold?

These are all things that must be considered when deciding on a surge protector or a whole home generator.

If you have medical equipment you need to run then the best choice just may be the whole house generator.

If you simply want enough time to shut down a computer and protect smaller appliances then a whole house surge protector may be the right decision.

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