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Why Whole House Rewiring


Whole house rewiring is a large project that is becoming more and more necessary. When preformed correctly this process can be completed in a few days and left as clean as we started. Due to the age of older homes and the increasing power requirements that today’s electronics require. Rewiring your whole house is the best way to make sure that you are safe, up to code, and able to use any of your appliances when you want. While this project seems daunting, hiring SAFE Electrical will make it run smoothly.

Lack of Outlets
If you find that you don’t have enough outlets then that’s a good sign that you might need to rewire your home. Older homes often only have one or two per room, while proper service dictates an outlet every six to eight feet and one on every wall. If you only have one in each room and are using an extension cord it’s time to call SAFE Electrical. Extension cords are a temporary solution and can be a hazard in long term use.

House Age
Even some homes built forty years ago are not able to keep up with the electrical demands that people place on them. Wiring without PVC coating is popular in Homewood, but it is prone to deterioration. Electricians can check your wiring and let you know if your home would benefit from being rewired.

Electronic Malfunctions
If you notice that you are dealing with more and more blown fuses or breakers tripping then you need to have your electrical system check by a Professional. These are signs that the stress from your appliances  and every day use are just too much for your wiring to handle. If you have to watch what you use at the same time in fear that an electrical fault may happen it’s time to call a SAFE Electrical to help keep you safe.

Increase Value
If you know that you will be selling your home then rewiring the house is a great way to increase the value. Homes in your area can command a high price due to their location and beauty, and you don’t want your asking price to be lowered due to old wiring. You’ll increase the market value and make sure that the house is as safe as possible for your future

It’s important to remember that while rewiring your house is a large undertaking that comes with expense, doing so will make your life easier and safer. You’ll be able to enjoy using all of your favorite electronics and won’t have to worry about tripping the breaker right in the middle of the big game. Call today for an evaluation of your electrical system and find out how we can easily bring your house up to code. 708-361-1555

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