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When the lights go out

Got Electricity? Air conditioning?

According to Bob Greene, CNN Contributor says, “We take comfort for granted”.

1) Flip a switch, and the lights in your home instantly blaze to life.

2) Pick up a telephone, and you’re talking with someone halfway across the country or halfway around the world.

Even though a cold front is expected to bring relief from the extreme deadly heat this week, but also storms. But once all is up and running again, it might be good to pause and think about how fragile all of our assumptions are.

In recent days, the absence of air conditioning felt anguishing.  The uneasiness and fear when the power goes out, it’s almost primal.  We flick the light switch, and nothing happens. We punch a number into the telephone, and hear only silence. We turn on our computers, and are greeted by blankness. And then, darkness falls.

Power outages in Chicagoland are occurring more frequently than ever before and lasting longer with devastating effects. Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with the most trusted name in residential standby power. If the power ever goes out, your Generac standby generator goes on – automatically – protecting you and your family’s home 24/7. We’ll help you survive the next power outage.

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