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Whole House Surge Protection

Having a whole house surge protection system is so important! Surges in the home are silent killers to our electronic equipment. We don’t see or hear these spikes affecting our TV’s or appliances until they mysteriously stop working correctly. Having a whole house surge protection system will protect against spikes in voltage and is a smart way of keeping them working.

Lightening strikes are a major reason for surges, but are not the only cause. Downed power lines, Edison brown outs and even your Coffee maker is a major contributor to surges that effect sensitive electronic equipment in your home. With technology getting more sensitive and complex not to mention expensive, makes having your purchases protected a smart solution.

Examples would be digital controls or buttons on your stove, refrigerator, microwave, and your washer/dryer. Other sensitive equipment are gaming systems and your computers or flat screen TV’s. Finding out if your electrical system can support electronic protection is a strong move towards your future. 

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