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brrr … It is cold outside!


electric-heater-firesIt is not just the roads you need to watch out for! This arctic cold could create problems to your home.

Our crew says during the winter season it is all about preventative maintenance. You should have an HVAC professional check your furnace yearly, preferably during the Fall.

Your furnace like ours running 24 hours a day, a brand new air filter can get dirty within a few weeks because it’s getting used a lot more. As we have shared in other blog posts before keep your air filters cleaned.

Our plumber friends say bathrooms and garages are prone to freezing quickly. They recommends homeowners to open their cabinet doors underneath the sink to let the home’s heat hit the pipes. Another great suggestion is to run a small amounts of hot and cold water from your faucets to prevent the pipes from completing freezing. However, keep in mind this may increase your water bill, but if your pipes burst, it will cost you a lot more.

Are you using several space heaters this year? If so, please, please do not use extension cords. A rule of thumb we follow: anything which uses resistance to create heat, like an iron, hair dryer, or space heater uses a lot of power and can cause an extension cord to become hot enough to cause a fire. If the extension cord is too light duty (a thinner cord, than the cord of the appliance), the fire danger is even greater, especially if used unattended. Please call us if you need additional outlets in your home.





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