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Emergency Lights -VS- Darkness


Chicago-Electrician-emergency-lightsYou know those two bug-eyed lights staring down on you at the office? There usually at the exits and in the middle of your office. Could you imagine looking at those in your home? I know my wife couldn’t  but those emergency lights are crucial during power outages and an important part of the building safety code. Ever wonder why homes do not have similar codes? I don’t have that answer, but I have solutions.

SAFE Electrical’s specially designed emergency lighting system could lead you safely through your home while the utility company is repairing your service. Bug-eyes are a thing of the past with our system. Your new emergency lights hide in your wall until you need them. When power goes out they pop out of the wall and illuminate your stairways and living areas. With two Xenon lamps rated at 10,000 hours of life, the same lamps used by fire departments to see through smoke, you can make sure the kids and pets are safe from falls and accidents.

On average it takes 89 minutes for utilities to restore power after an outage and almost triple that on a storm related outage. Our system will keep you safe for up to 5.5 hours and are maintenance free when installed by us. Don’t leave your families safety to chance take control of the dark with SAFE Electrical’s emergency lighting system.


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