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Taking advantage of Technology


Technology can be a little scary when it comes to identity theft or killer robots but when it comes to safety, it can be lifesaving. There are a lot of new products that are making homes safer to live in. Updated electrical codes and equipment can stop fires and electrocution before they happen. If you’re like most of us who live in a home that was built 1985 or earlier you are suffering in the safety department. Maybe you have heard the term Surge Protection or GFCI on a DYI show but what about ARC Fault interrupter or Emergency lighting in your home. Finding out what products are on the market and having a safe electrical system can make for a much happier wife, I mean life.

Here is a quick list of options to choose from:
1. GFCI Protection
2. Surge Protection (Whole Home)
3. ARC Fault Interrupter
4. Hidden Residential Emergency Lighting
5. Tamper Resistant Safety outlets
6. Mold Prevention Systems
7. Hands Free Lighting Systems


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