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Christmas Lighting and GFCI? What does that mean?


Using a GFCI for your Christmas lights this year could be one of the smartest things you do this holiday season. Year after year, we dig out our Christmas lights and plug them into the same outside outlets never thinking we could be creating a dangerous situation for our families. Standard outlets do not protect you from electrical shocks. Electrocution protective GFCI outlets protect your family from life threatening situations. When Christmas lights are plugged into a standard outlet you run the risk of electrocution because most Christmas lighting systems use multiple plugs, which allows water to drip inside. Think of it this way, would you go near an extension cord after the end was sprayed with water? This happens every time it rains or snows. If someone touches or even goes near a water soaked cord they run the risk of an electrical shock.

GFCI outlets will stop electricity almost instantly when uneven resistance is measured, stopping it from harming you or your loved ones. There are many dangers out there, so don’t ignore this dangerous situation at your home anymore.

This is the correct way to use an outside outlet.

Bubble Top GFCI - Use for Christmas Lights







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