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Your Child, Water and Electricity. What Would Happen?


I think you know the answer to this but just in case, electricity will run through them and into the ground, giving them an electric shock that could be fatal. We all have seen movies were the hair dryer falls in the tub while someone is bathing, special effects may over exaggerate this in the movies but the results are still the same. Chicago-Electrician-hair-dryer-water

Remember that water and electricity do not mix. Tap Water accelerates the rate of electricity moving through the body,  the faster it moves the more deadly it becomes. Water is an excellent conductor for electricity and people can die if they come into contact with it while they’re wet or standing on something wet.

When I was still an apprentice (about 20 years ago) I remember working next to a small 12volt transformer for a furnace unit that was just installed. I had bumped the transformer a few times in the morning and I didn’t even think about it. After the furnace started getting warmer I started to sweat and bumped it again, it knocked me off my feet and made my arm numb for an hour. What a difference a little water makes with a small amount of electricity.

Standard homes are run with 120volt  circuits and have at least 2 sinks with voltage terminals right next to them, they also have at least 1 outside and 1 garage voltage terminal that run the same risk of electrical shock due to the fact that concrete can be conductive.

To keep kids safe they need to be taught the dangers of touching electrical equipment and water at the same time. Updating your home to the latest safety voltage terminals (GFCI) will help keep you and your family safe from electrical injury.

Home buyer inspection reports include these safety hazards as a standard item; it helps the buyer to reduce the value of your home. If this update has to happen eventually you might as well keep your family safe while you live there.


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