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Electrical Water Heater Installation


Electric water heaters are a must for every modern household. Selecting an electric water heater is very important. One needs to be certain your new or replacement water heater will provide enough hot water for your household, and do so with energy efficiency in mind, which can save you money, especially during Chicago’s cold winters. Electric water heaters are very useful by keeping your water hot despite the seething cold.

Choose a Licensed Electrician to Install your Electrical Water Heater

The most important reason why you should choose to install electrical water heater is safety. Compared to gas heaters, you will not have to worry about the possibility of an explosion from a gas leak with an electrical heater. There are much higher risks of an explosion from a gas leak versus electrocution from faulty wiring in an electrical water heater. Electric water heaters are simply much safer. In addition, there is also the advantage of being able to install a timer on your electric tank. When you have an electric water heater, you can install a timer unit, which will automatically turn the power off when you want it to. This can significantly save money on your energy bill. With a timer, you can easily get enough hot water for your morning shower and other routines. It allows you to limit your power consumption so you can save on your energy bills in a way you did not expect from an electric water heater. Electric water heater installation is also much easier when compared to installing a gas water heater, where you must vent out gas fumes via an exhaust flue. Installing an electric water heater will avoid potential backdrafting, which occurs when the exhaust gases from a vented water heater spills out into the room, rather than leaving the house safely through a vent. Exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide and high levels of moisture, and can be dangerous for home occupants. Installing an electrical water heater requires direct wiring or a special outlet to power the water heater, along with any required plumbing.

It means there is no need for you to saw holes in your roof or anywhere else in your home for that matter. Electric water heaters can be installed in relatively small compact spaces, even under a sink. An electric water heater is a great choice for homeowners with limited space. Electric water heaters also use fewer parts, so fewer parts come in contact with direct heat. This results in electric water heaters lasting for many years beyond the expected lifespan of a gas heater.

Choosing an Installation Service

There are many installation service options to choose from, you have to make sure to hire the right professional electrical contractor service provider, someone who is licensed, experienced, and are truly reliable. Safe Electrical is a fully licensed electrician, serving Chicago, and the Greater Chicagoland area, with over 20 years of experience. Call for an appointment today: (708) 361-1555

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