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Why Install Whole House Surge Protection?


What does whole house surge protection mean? What exactly is it and what should you know about it? Why is it an important investment that can protect your appliances and electronic devices? Why is it best to hire a licensed electrician to install your whole house surge protection system?
When you hear surge protection, it seems like a boring technical term. But if you ask a professional electrician what it is, you will learn it is far from boring. Basically, what an effective whole house surge protector does is to allow only the electricity your home needs, keeping lightning strikes and utility power surges away from your home or business electrical system.

This way, your entire home, and devices are kept away from any trouble which might happen from surges inside of your house. Whole house surge protective devices (SPDs) are often wired to your electrical panel box located nearby. This is what helps protect the thousands of dollars in equipment that can’t be plugged into a power strip, like your washer, dryer, HVAC, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, wine cooler, and lighting. In fact, installing a whole house surge protector will allow you to stop buying unsightly and expensive power surge strips.

Who Should Install Your SPDs?

How can you make certain your home is completely protected? By making sure your whole house surge protector device is installed by a professional. It’s a complicated device used to protect your appliances and electrical systems.

What if the device is not installed properly? You might think you can do it yourself, but when it comes to electrical equipment, it is always for the best to trust the skills and experience of an expert electrician. A professional, licensed electrician has the knowledge and the experience to make sure the device is installed properly and can effectively protect your home from electrical surges.

Today, modern homes are often full of all kinds of appliances from your coffee maker to security alarm systems, anything which connects to your electrical system is vulnerable to power surges. A pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure… Power surges and lightning strikes could bring the possibility of filing a home owner’s insurance claim for any damages, insurance deductibles, and potential premium increases. Both should be considered when making your decision to invest in Whole House Surge Protection.

What to Do?

A professional electrician is what you need when it comes to whole house surge protection. They are the only ones who can ensure everything electric in your home is safe from lightning and power surges. Safe Electrical has over 20 years of experience with all types of home and commercial electrical systems, and we’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured to protect your investment and your family in Chicago and the Greater Chicagoland area. Call for an appointment today: (708) 361-1555

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