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Floor Heating Systems…..No More Cold Feet


Cold feet no more, it’s time to warm your floors instead of your ceiling. Electric floor heating systems by SAFE Electrical Service can keep you warm and leave your furnace off longer. Who doesn’t like warm feet in the cold months? We lose most of our heat from our heads and feet so why not keep one of those warm all the time.You deserve the luxury of warm floors in your life.  SAFE Electrical will help you turn your home into a vacation spot this winter and every winter after.

How does radiant heat help me save on heating bills? Because you will feel warmer with radiant heat, the thermostat can be set at a  lower temperature. Electric radiant floor heating is by far more efficient way to warm your floors than traditional heating systems.  It is a common misconception that electric heated floors will increase your energy bill. Unlike forced air systems, radiant floor heating systems do not waste heat in ducts or at ceilings.

The next thing you plan should be to have electric radiant heat installed, so the next time you come home from work you’ll feel like you went on vacation.

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