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Outlet Fires….. More Common Than You Think!


Home inspectors and building codes have made new homes safer in regards to this devastating problem of outlet fires. But what if you live in a home 10 years old or older, you may not have this life and home saving system. Do you need it? An estimated 28 Thousand residential fires with 360 civilian deaths and almost a thousand injuries each year, say’s you should think about it! Reports by the U.S. Fire Administration.

Electrical fires run rampant throughout the United States, causing injury, claiming lives, and resulting in large losses of property. Most electrical fires result from problems with faulty electrical outlets and outdated wiring. Problems with extension/appliance cords and plugs also cause many home electrical fires. To help prevent an electrical fire in your home, routinely check electrical appliances and wiring. Replace all worn, old, or damaged cords immediately.

ARC Fault breaker systems stop fires before they can start, it stops them at the first sign of a problem. When you have an ARC Fault breaker installed it’s like having a Fireman On Duty and that’s nice for a lot of reasons.

 Don’t let this be in your home.
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