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Protect Your Electrical Gadgets


Protect your electrical gadgets from power outages! Power surges in the home are silent killers to our electronic equipment.

Lightning and thunder storms are pretty common around here. Have you noticed or experienced sudden power outage? Even for just a few seconds?  The other night, our good friend Brandon had two such occurrences.

drbstinerWhen the first power outage happened Brandon was charging his laptop. He didn’t immediately notice anything after the power went back on a few seconds later. Brandon did realize his battery was almost drained, he plugged his computer back into the outlet but nothing happened. He tried another outlet in his condo, but still it did not charge his battery.

It has happened to him before, during another power outage he received power surge through his house and it fried his Internet router. Brandon works from home during the day, it’s a bad day for anyone without Internet.

How to protect yourself from power surge damage to your electrical gadgets?

  1. Make sure your electrical gadgets are plugged into surge protectors, we highly recommended using surge protectors for expensive appliances such as refrigerators, TVs, computers, and cell phones.
  2. Turn off any electrical gadgets and/or appliance immediately after a power outage.  Turn them on only after the power has returned and has been stabilized for a few minutes.

Stop spending time running around the house during a lightning storm unplugging everything, you are putting yourself at risk! Install a whole house surge protection system. What is a whole house surge protection system? It connects directly to your electrical panel, thus you will not need to go running around the house unplugging gadgets again or need to purchase surge protectors for every outlet in the house which can be very expensive. Call us and we’ll help make sure your ready for the next storm.


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