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Special Spaces 400th Makeover!

Special Spaces Chicagoland
400th National Special Spaces Makeover!

We celebrated the 400th National Special Spaces Makeover!

Congrats to Special Spaces and to everyone in their organization who worked so hard to change the lives of the 400+ families across the country!

Some awesome bedrooms were created for the Fleming Family within 2 days! To see pictures from the makeover, click here to visit their Facebook page. We love getting involved in our local community 🙂 nothing like seeing bright smiling faces 🙂

We had a wonderful time working on their bedrooms, Special Spaces couldn’t have chosen a more deserving family for the makeover!  “SAFE Electrical comes through again! Thank you Alex and Charles for always taking on every crazy project we give you. We always present a challenge and you knock them all out of the park!”, said Special Spaces.

Congrats Special Spaces and Jennifer Swain on the 400th National Makeover, we are grateful to be have been a part.

We can not wait to help them on their next special project!

Alex from Safe Electrical Service
Alex – SAFE Electrician

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