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Residential Outdoor Security Lighting


Residential Outdoor Security LightingIs your Residence SAFE at Night? If Not, You Need Residential Outdoor Security Lighting is KEY!

Our porch light is a thing of the past! Shadows are a criminal’s best friend – covering up their misdeeds and giving them protection from watchful eyes. We most have light, it’s the first line of defense of any household security system. Good lighting removes the shadows, takes away dark hiding places and causes criminals to flee.

With intelligent security from SAFE Electrical, you’ll enjoy peace of mind – while you’re home or away. Intense lighting in special spots protects your own safety. A simple stumble can cause serious injury to anyone of any age, but a well-lit path is a big step for avoiding these very missteps.

Residential Outdoor Security Lighting

Landscape lighting can beautify your surroundings and gives a welcome feel for your good visitors – and with timers and motion sensors – for you returning from a long day’s work.

We’ve set down with a couple of local residential real estate folks, they say exterior landscape lighting is considered an important feature which not only enhances the aesthetics and security of a home, but it also improves the marketability of the property.

Many Realtors we’ve met agree anytime you add light to an outdoor space – a patio, garden, deck or pool/spa area – you are creating more livable space which will increase the value of the property. By bringing the “outside in” with subtle, natural landscape lighting, the square footage of the interior rooms appears to extend to the outside. This is a very good thing!Residential Outdoor Security System Lighting


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