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Vintage Antique Lighting

Vintage Antique Lighting

Vintage Antique Lighting can dress-up an entire room. One of our dear clients told us about this guy named Ross who restores distinctive vintage lighting from the 1920s to the 1970s. So we just had to check out Ross’ Lighting Store The Old Above, he has a very large inventory of antique lighting…holy smokes they are gorgeous! We can’t let this treasure stay hidden from our Chicago clients. This is a great place to purchase the best restored antique lighting. We just can’t get over how nice these antique lights look, they are wonderful.

All Ross’ antique lighting look like they did when first leaving the factory. He doesn’t alter them, change the colors, or combine various fixtures into one new fixture. On most fixtures, new cloth-covered wiring is used – the perfect final authentic touch.

If you need help hanging a lighting fixture, chandelier, or adding a dimmer switch give us a call.

Here’s a link to Ross’ Store for vintage lighting

Happy Shopping!

Vintage Antique Lighting1930s chandelier

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