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Why it’s important to have Good Security Lighting Around your House


You may have the best safety alarms installed, the best security systems in place but today’s burglars know how to circumvent these—so you still remain vulnerable. Thieves love the dark as they go unnoticed, but with good outdoor lights around the house, you reduce the risk of burglary by 75 percent.

Most of us have night lights on inside homes, especially where there are children, preschoolers and elderly seniors. Indoor lights help youngsters to fight those bogeys of the night and can prevent the elderly from tripping and falling in the dark. But how many have installed outdoor lights?

Outdoor lights act as a deterrent to burglars and as these are inexpensive and practical options to enhance safety, the sooner you have your house fitted with indoor night lights and outdoor security lights, the better it is.

Infra-red sensors are very effective for driveways and other traffic areas around the house, and if anyone cuts across these lights, the sensors are activated. It can be pretty scary for a thief to find himself in the spotlight when he passes under one. These lights are pretty effective and rather popular. Of course they need to be in the right position to turn on.

A good alternative is low pressure sodium lighting that uses photoelectric cells. They automatically turn on when it becomes dark and turn off when it’s light. Apart from being more inexpensive, they are less obtrusive than spotlights. There are also time-operated products that are available—these can be set to light on and off at particular times. This type of lighting could see your utility bill hitting a high. A combination of low and high intensity lights could help to some extent. Use a low intensity light throughout the night and only when someone comes in its path, the sensors will make the light get brighter and brighter.

The good old manual versions are always there for you when you need to switch them on. Solar security lights are a sensible option considering that they can be charged by sunlight during the day and give out light at night.

You can also use task lighting near the sheds, garages and your front door entrance ways. If the burglar is trying to steal your car or your bicycle from the shed or tries to break through the front door, well, he won’t escape unnoticed. Lantern-style wall lights are good options for above the back door.

Once you’ve chosen the kind of lights you want to install around the house, think long and hard as to its location. They need to be way above the ground to ensure that they’re not meddled with and also need to face downwards so that it will light up the driveway or garden space and not blind you when you look outside.

Effective outdoor security lighting can protect your home while adding aesthetically to it, so if you do hear stealthy footsteps in your garden, you are well positioned to scare off the burglar.

We at SAFE can keep you safe by helping you install outdoor security lights for pathways and driveways. Just give us a call and we’ll stop by and give you our suggestions.

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