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Safe Electrical Service Blog: Powering Up Your Knowledge & Safety

How SAFE Electrical keeps your home clean.

How we keep your home clean. Looking for a contractor to help with a project can be stressful. After you find the right company to do the work, the stress starts to fade… but wait, they never said anything about how they were going to get this finished or how they...

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Finding An Electrician

Finding an electrician that is qualified to be in your home and has the knowledge to speak to you in a manner that you understand isn't all that easy. Looking around now a days can get a little confusing, are they qualified? will they show up? will they over charge...

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Motion Activated Lighting System

Making your life safer with motion-activated lighting systems. Dark mornings and evenings or walking into an unlit room can be a hazardous situation. SAFE Electrical has received a lot of questions regarding motion-activated lighting and its benefits. Let's discuss...

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Dryer and Range Installations

When it comes to appliances, they make life a lot easier. Whether it's a full range appliance or a high-speed, high-powered oven, they make life better than you could ever imagine. However, people often forget that you need appliances in the first place before...

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Home Electrical Safety Inspections

Whether you're living in Chicago or somewhere else, it's important to keep in mind that one of the most important infrastructures you can have in your city (as well as your home) is electrical infrastructure. This is very critical to keep in mind because, without a...

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Why Whole House Rewiring

Whole house rewiring is a large project that is becoming more and more necessary. When preformed correctly this process can be completed in a few days and left as clean as we started. Due to the age of older homes and the increasing power requirements that today's...

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