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Doorbell installation and repair

Doorbell installation and repair With many home projects, like wired doorbell installation and repair, it is essential to hire a licensed electrician. Safe Electrical Service is a reliable, licensed and reputable Chicagoland electrical contractor, who will install...

Driveway Lighting Installation

Driveway Lighting Installation Driveway lights play an essential role in enhancing the whole appearance of your home. It doesn’t matter if you are renovating your house or building a new one, you should invest in these because they not just are high on the utility but...

Ceiling Fan Installations and Repair Services

Ceiling Fan Installations and Repair Services are no match when it comes to Safe Electrical Service. Setting up a ceiling fan is an option that a lot of people make in order to add another level of value and comfort to their house. For many homeowners, this is a...

Charging Station for New Electric Car

Do you need a charging station for your new electric car? We can help you avoid costly mistakes. Electric vehicles come in any sizes and shapes. Conveniently, our residential and commercial charging stations do excessively! Electric cars became increasingly popular...

Is Your Electrical Breaker Overloaded?

Your Electrical Breaker Just Might Be Overloaded? Knowing the warning signs because you love your family. One of the leading causes of house fires is electrical. Knowing the warning sign may save you, your family and your home. When a breaker flips off in your home...

Emergency and Security Lighting

Keep your family and pets safe with emergency and security lighting. We offer wide range of emergency and security lighting systems for home and commercial properties. Security lighting is one of the many factors that provide an added security whilst of emergency...

Flickering Lights

Before Old wiring and faulty connections can cause your lights to flicker when turning on appliances. Let one of our qualified electricians help remove your worries, we have seen this many times and we can find the cause and get it repaired . Don’t put your family,...

Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades

Why you should have your Panel checked out. We will check your panel for free, we want you and your family to be SAFE. Most of the homeowners can soundly sleep knowing that their own electric panels would protect them by means of tripping off when the circuit overload...


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